How to use – Gmail Program Rules

How to use – Gmail Program Rules

**Gmail Program Rules**

The rules outlined below pertain to #Gmail. Our rules aim to ensure a comfortable experience for all Gmail users.

If you’re using Gmail with a regular account, please also review Google’s Terms of Service. If you have a corporate or educational account, additional terms of agreement with #Google and other rules may apply. For further information, consult your organization’s administrator.

We strive to prevent violations of our requirements and ask you to adhere to the rules listed below. Upon discovering a violation, we may take necessary actions, including restricting a user’s access to Google products. If you believe your account has been blocked in error, follow the instructions on this page.

We may take necessary actions regarding accounts exceeding storage quotas, such as limiting the ability to send and receive emails. If a user fails to free up storage space or acquire additional space, we may also remove content from their account. Learn more about storage quotas…

#Rules may change, so we recommend visiting this page periodically.

**Report a Violation**

If you believe an account violates our program rules, there are several ways to report it.

For other abuse reports
For reports on minor solicitation
For reports on copyright infringement
Review the rules below to understand what actions constitute a violation. If Google’s rules are violated, the user’s account may be blocked. If you believe your account has been blocked in error, follow the instructions on this page.

**Inactive Accounts**

Use the service to keep your account active. Usage implies accessing the service or its content at least once every two years. We may take certain actions regarding inactive accounts, including deleting emails from the service. Learn more…

**Spam and Bulk Emailing**

Do not use Gmail for spamming or sending unwanted advertising messages.

Sending emails that violate spam laws (e.g., the US CAN-SPAM Act), unauthorized messaging through open third-party servers, and distributing email addresses without their owners’ consent are prohibited.

Automating the Gmail interface to send, delete, and filter emails with the intent to deceive or mislead other users is also prohibited.

Remember, the sender’s and recipient’s perceptions of “unwanted mail” may differ. Think before sending emails to a large number of users, even if they previously agreed to receive your mailings. If a Gmail user marks your message as spam, our systems will remember this choice, and future emails from your address may be considered spam.

**Creating and Using Multiple Gmail Accounts**

Do not create multiple accounts to violate Google’s rules, bypass Gmail restrictions and filters, or evade account blocking in any other way. For example, if your account was blocked by another user or disabled for violating Gmail rules, do not create another account for the same purposes.

Additionally, creating Gmail accounts automatically, as well as buying, selling, and reselling them to others, is prohibited.


Do not distribute malware through Gmail, including viruses, worms, trojans, corrupted files, and other materials that disrupt computer operations or deceive users. It is also prohibited to distribute content that harms or obstructs the operation of Google’s or third parties’ networks, servers, and other infrastructure elements.

**Fraud, Phishing, and Other Deceptive Actions**

Do not attempt to access someone else’s Gmail account without explicit permission from the owner.

Using Gmail for phishing is prohibited. It is not allowed to request or collect confidential information (including passwords, bank card data, and passport numbers).

Sending emails to deceive or mislead other users or obtain their data dishonestly is prohibited. This includes impersonating another person or organization to deceive or mislead.

**Children’s Safety**

Google adheres to a strict policy regarding child pornography. If images of minors in a sexual context are detected, we report this to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in accordance with the law and may delete Gmail accounts of all users associated with distributing such content.

Using Gmail to solicit minors is prohibited. Actions aimed at contacting a child to reduce their level of shyness and thus prepare the ground for sexual violence, abduction, and other forms of unacceptable treatment are strictly prohibited.

If you believe a child is in danger, being mistreated, exploited, or abducted, immediately contact local law enforcement.

If you have already reported the issue to law enforcement but still need assistance or are concerned that a child is or has been at risk in Gmail, provide information to Google using this form. Remember, you can always block any sender if you do not want them to contact you via Gmail.


Observe copyright laws. Do not violate others’ intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other rights, and do not encourage others to do so. To report copyright infringement to Google, fill out this form.


Do not use Gmail for harassment, intimidation, or threats. We reserve the right to block Gmail accounts of users who violate this rule.

**Illegal Activities**

Act within the law. Using Gmail for any unlawful activities is prohibited.

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